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Town and Country Plastics Inc

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Supplier: Town and Country Plastics Inc
Address: P.O. Box 269-T, Morganville, NJ, 07751
Phone: 732-780-5300
Fax: 732-294-0001
Services: Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Founded: 1974

Town and Country Plastics Inc are based in NJ but will deal with the following markets: Western Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico.

Manufacturer & Fabricator Of Corrosion Resistant Products In Plastics, Fiberglass & Stainless Steel Including Pollution Equipment, Chemical Holding & Mixing Tanks, Underground Storage Tanks, Acid Neutralization Tanks & Systems, Grease Traps, Oil-Interceptors, Sediment Interceptors, Basket Strainers, Sumps For Pumps, Chemical Sump Pumps, Plastic Pipe Fittings & Valves, Ducting, Hoods, Troughs, Chemical Sinks, Cabinets, Counter Tops, Containers, Floor & Roof Drains. Specializing In Custom Fabrications & Molded Products To Meet Requirements. Manufacturer Of Architectural Products Including Decorative Planters, Benches, Decorative Panels, Enclosures, Canopies & Portable Shelters