Water Science

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Dietary strategies for reduced phosphorus excretion and improved water quality

Macroinvertebrate communities in agriculturally impacted southern Illinois streams: patterns with riparian vegetation, water quality, and in-stream habitat quality

Multivariate statistical characterization of water quality in Lake Lanier, Georgia, USA

Predicting runoff and associated nitrogen losses from turfgrass using the Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM)

Relating soil phosphorus to dissolved phosphorus in runoff: a single extraction coefficient for water quality modeling

Spatial variability of soil phosphorus in relation to the topographic index and critical source areas: sampling for assessing risk to water quality

Surface runoff water quality in a managed three zone riparian buffer

Tillage and nutrient source effects on water quality and corn grain yield from a flat landscape

Understanding long-term baseflow water quality trends using a synoptic survey of the ground water-surface water interface, central Wisconsin