Water Science

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Application of automated measurement stations for continuous water quality monitoring of the Dender river in Flanders, Belgium

Assessing water quality in a tropical lake using biomarkers in zebrafish embryos: developmental toxicity and stress protein responses

Development of a quality-assessed agrichemical database for monitoring anthropogenic impacts on ground-water quality

Evaluation of water quality in the Chillan River (Central Chile) using physicochemical parameters and a modified water quality index

Genetic algorithm usage in water quality monitoring networks optimization in Gediz (Turkey) river basin

Linking land cover and water quality in New York City's water supply watersheds

Phase I of the Kissimmee River restoration project, Florida, USA: impacts of construction on water quality

Scatterscore: a reconnaissance method to evaluate changes in water quality

Statistical analyses of coastal water quality for a port and harbour region in India

The quality of water resources in Dalmatia

The water quality of the Certima River basin (Central Portugal)

Water quality assessment and modeling of an effluent-dominated stream, the Notwane River, Botswana